The hardness and density of granite and quartz make it possible to cut directly on the surface. However, to preserve your knife, it is preferable to use a cutting board.

Both types of sinks are perfectly adapted to natural stone surfaces. In the end, it’s about what you prefer. However, caring and cleaning the surface is much easier with a flush mount sink. You can visit the section “Sinks and Accessories” to find a sink that you like.

A granite slab usually measures between 90’’ and 130’’. A standard quartz slab measures 120’’. All depending on the chosen stone, your counter may not need any joints or no more than one. Other criteria are to keep in mind, including the accessibility to the house (stairs, elevator, etc.). It is important to know that we will not make a joint if not necessary. During your visit to our office for your quote, the need, placement and appearance of the joints could also be evaluated at that time.



By their nature, marble, soapstone and granite extracted from a quarry present with distinguishing features independent of our will, for example, color, size, grain, fissures, thickness, etc. Marble, granite, travertine, limestone and soapstone, like any other stone extracted from a quarry, were taken from blocks carefully selected and extracted from mother earth. Understand when, as a natural stone, such a product may have slight imperfections that naturally occur and which are part of the stone characteristics. These characteristics may be color or tone variations, geological defects, irregular marks, voids, veins, fissures, minor separation lines. It is common practice for the manufacturer to attempt to mitigate these variations using one or more of the following techniques: waxing, filling and adding stems. All these features and such variations are common and present to a certain extent. However, all these small variations are intrinsic to the natural beauty of the stone and will not alter the functions or material strength. It is therefore agreed that National Granite will not be responsible for natural features of marble and granite materials as described in this text.


Installation done by National Granit technician is covered by a life-time warranty in regards to the joints seal and the sink installation.


NAS warranties that kitchen sinks of grade 16Gg and 18Gg, stainless steel 18/10 are free from defects in workmanship or materials. All NAS stainless steel kitchen sinks carry a lifetime warranty from the date of original purchase.


As granite is a somewhat porous stone, at National Granite, we apply, in factory, an industrial grade sealer to limit the absorption of liquids by your counter and, this way, limit the creation of stains.
After that, caring for the natural stone is very easy. Warm water, mild soap and a cloth are all you need to clean your granite surface.
Never use abrasive cleaner or acidic products on polished surfaces.


How to remove a stain on granite? A water stain will disappear with drying. For oily stains, however, you must use a product to pull the oil out of the stone.
•  Apply sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) on the stain.
•  Cover everything with plastic wrap, sealed to the counter with tape.
•  Let the powder stand for 48 hours.
•  If stain has disappeared, apply sealer.
•  If the stain remains, get a paste found in specialized store or contact our representative.

It is recommended to use the 3-in-1 product provided at the time of the installation of your counters.

Quartz is easy to take care of. It is a non-porous material with a strong resistance to stains, scratches and heat. However, it is not stain, scratches or heat proof. In consequences, all you have to do to conserve the beauty of your quartz for many years to come is to give it the care and cleaning recommended by your expert distributor or installer.


You only have to clean regularly quartz with soapy water to conserve its radiant shine. Use warm water and a wet cloth with a small quantity of non-abrasive cleaner with no bleaching agent. Even though quartz is stain resistant, you need to clean spills as fast as possible. Spilled liquids, fruit or vegetable juices and other food residues must be wiped and then cleaned with soapy water.



Quartz is made to be extremely heat resistant and can tolerate normal exposition to heat from a cooking environment for short periods of time without damages. Although, quartz is more heat resistant than most surface materials on the market, every surface material — including stone — can get damaged if there is extreme change in temperature, whether on a long period of time or suddenly. Use table mats when putting down hot pots and pans, as well as any other device generating heat on the surface.


Quartz durable surface is conceived to resist normal wear. Although it is scratch, cut and chip resistant, you need to avoid cutting directly on the quartz surface. Use a cutting board and be careful not to drop or move heavy objects on the surface. These actions will help to preserve the beauty of the quartz for a long time.

It depends on the type of stone chosen. Granite price varies according to its origin, the complexity of the distribution channel and the stone rarity. Quartz price is much less changing since it is a product transformed in factory. A wide of range of granite is offered at a cheaper or at the same price than quartz.

Quartz slabs used for counter surfaces are made of composite quartz transformed in factory — not to be confused with natural stone quartz. In factory, quartz is grinded, mixed with resin and coloring, baked and polished to give the wanted look. Quartz is an advanced technology material which offers solidity, durability and ease of care. It is therefore ideal in regard of stains and scratches.

It requires no specific care. However, you need to know that quartz offers less heat resistance than granite and its surface car be altered in case of prolonged exposition to heat over 150 degrees. Finally, quartz is an excellent product which adapts to all your projects, thanks to its wide variety of colors.

Each piece of granite is 100% natural. Extracted directly from the subsoil, cut and then polished, granite is the result of the cooling of underground magma many millenniums ago. Although granite is unique and authentic, is choice is not solely esthetic. It is also a smart, practical and durable choice. Being one of the hardest materials in the world, it is highly impact resistant.

Moreover, granite density and the application of a sealer make it highly resistant to stains and scratches. Being natural and not aggregated, the granite is unassailable by heat. For all of these reasons, it is an unavoidable choice for counter surfaces. Finally, granite goes as much with a rustic setting than a contemporary one.